Meet our Exhibitors

Sibusiso Gcaba Wa Molwantwa

Sibusiso Gcaba developed his photographic abilities by
participating in the Market Photo Workshop”s
Photography Foundation Course in 2016 and earning an
Advertising Qualification with Umuzi in 2017
specialising in multimedia. In 2020, he enrolled in
Skyrink Studios’s Introduction to Film and TV Production
course. He also enrolled in an Advanced Photography
Course with Through “The Lense”.
Sibusiso has exhibited all around the world. Notable
group shows include the Yaounde Photo Festival in
Cameroon in 2019, the Summer Salon group exhibition
at the Bag Factory in 2019, and the 2021 FNB Art

Joburg Fair. In 2018, he was considered for the Lagos
Photo X National Geographics Portfolio Review Award
as a finalist. In addition, he was chosen to take part in
the 2023 New York Times Portfolio Review and
received the Market Photo Workshop 2022 Tierney
Fellowship Award. He did an art residence at the
uMhlabathi Collective and showcased at the Unfamiliar
Similaritiez group exhibition at Backdoor Gallery in
Gothenburg and Der Greif’s Past and Present
interactive group exhibition at Pinakothek Der
Mordene in Munich respectively. His work is the
expression of his life experiences, and other human
behaviour, the African environment and how it shapes
those who occupy it.

Statement : Living and working on the African continent is a privilege for young African people. More so currently when we can tell our own stories without needing to be entertained by anyone outside of us. My work is an expression of my life experiences, my imagination, and curiosity in human behavior, as well as the environment of Africa and how it affects those who live there. Having knowledge of the African continent's photographic history inspires me to treat my subjects with attention. We have an obligation to show these magnificent vistas, human faces, and divine attributes in a respectful way. I'm trying to visually depict a spiritual being that is hidden deep within the invisible. By drawing on my accumulated memories and feelings of environments and how people interact with them, I want to produce content that, in terms of the narrative, has an African setting. Nothing inspires me to create more than my own imagination, but it's also my sensitivity and life experiences that make me who I am as a person and as an artist. Because I produce intuitively, my subconscious can influence the images.

Manelisa Siyanda Nene

Photographer Manelisa Nene originates from
Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and is quite diverse. He
takes essential pictures of the people around him
and utilizes those images to comment on events
involving common people and street life. More
than perfection, he was interested by the tale
that an image might tell. His work has been
chosen for the 2023 exhibition at the American
Center of Photographers in USA (North Carolina).
Scenes from the diverse Durban surroundings
serve as inspiration for Nene’s photos. The
conditions surrounding freedom of expression in
the city during the apartheid era also influenced

the descriptions for my photos.

Statement: If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you're not out there, you'll only hear about it

Nonzuzo Gxekwa

Twin sisters Noncedo and Nonzuzo's Carbon Copy Collective. Both of them are from KwaZulu Natal.
With the aim of debunking the false perceptions
of Africa, they produce images that are centered
on the real African experience.
They get their inspiration from commonplace
occurrences in daily life and find beauty in urban,

peri-urban, and rural settings. They see
cooperation as an effective tactic that backs up
the African proverb.


Statement: "if you want to go far one needs to consider a collaborative approach than reaching the destination fast in solitary approach."

Lindokuhle Ndlovu

Ndlovu a national certificate in cinema and television in
2018. He also took part in the mentorship program
offered by Artlab Durban, and he is currently attending
the Durban University of Technology to advance his
photographic abilities.
He demonstrated his photographic prowess as a notable
photographer on the Imbewu Television series,
documenting the environmental settings in the KwaZulu
Natal region.
Ndlovu's image captions value local scenes and highlight
them through visual documentations that use camera
photographs to convey the scenario to the viewer.

Statement: Ndlovu’s image captions cherishes the community scenes and amplifies these through the visual documentations using the camera and brings it to the audience inception.

Branson Meaker

Branson Meaker is a vibrant, enthusiastic, award-winning wildlife photographer. His upbringing was
surrounded by an appreciation of the African outdoors.
In the most amazing and perceptive ways, he interacts
with and honours Africa’s wild terrain. He uses the
photography language to uniquely depict the African
landscape of non-domesticated animals.
He uses the aperture to time unique wildlife moments.
He hopes to change people’s perceptions of Africa by
using these captions to tell a positive story that defies
prejudice and stereotypes. By introducing the audience
to his love of interpretive graphics, he hopes to
accomplish that.